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Song Ningxuan was really scared now.

She feared the bottle in Ou Xiuyuan’s hand and that Ou Xiuyuan would raise his hand again.


“No…no!” Song Ningxuan tremblingly hugged Ou Xiuyuan.

“I do like you, you know that.”


Ou Xiuyuan was flabbergasted and did not speak.

After a while, he said, “You like me Do you like me, or do you like my money”


He pushed Song Ningxuan away.

He stood up and looked at Song Ningxuan, sitting on the ground.

He said, “Now you regret that your former lover has gotten better, and you want to be shameless to go over and be with him.

Look at the status of this person and whether he still cares about you; a broken shoe”


After saying that, he directly threw the bottle.

He raised his fist and punched Song Ningxuan in the stomach.


One punch after another, fist to the flesh.


The current Ou Xiuyuan did not appear to be a noble president in the past.

He was like a madman.


Song Ningxuan felt something was amiss after she received a punch in the stomach, and a hot stream flowed from her lower body.


Ou Xiuyuan finally noticed the blood in Song Ningxuan’s lower body.

His mind instantly sobered up a lot.


He stood by the side, flabbergasted, without any action.


When his father, who had gone out to work, came home, he saw Song Ningxuan sitting on the floor.

When he went over to take a look, he was taken aback.


“Xiuyuan, what are you doing Hurry up and take your wife to the hospital.”


Being yelled at by Ou Lingtian, Ou Xiuyuan then returned to his senses.


He hurriedly picked up Song Ningxuan, sitting on the ground, and sent her to the hospital.


The doctor rushed to the emergency room when they saw the situation.


After the rescue, Song Ningxuan was fine, but the child in the belly was gone.


Moreover, there would be no more children in the future.


Ou Xiuyuan sat outside as doctors and nurses eyed him.


Indeed, Song Ningxuan was full of injuries, but Ou Xiuyuan had no marks.

This looked like domestic violence.


Domestic violence caused his wife to become such, and she lost the baby.

This was not a **ing man.


Ou Xiuyuan regretted it.

He didn’t know that Song Ningxuan had a child, or he wouldn’t have, wouldn’t have hit her.


The police came in a hurry to take away Ou Xiuyuan.

Coincidentally, this police officer was a familiar person.


The same young man came when Gu Jingyu called the police.


Ou Xiuyuan struggled and said, “I’ll wait for my wife to wake up first.

Besides, this is our family matter.

What business is it of yours”



Ou, this is already an alleged murder.

If this lady lying there in bed wants to sue you after waking up, this can already be considered a criminal case.

So please, Mr.

Ou, come with me for investigation.”


Ou Xiuyuan was taken away by the police, and when Song Ningxuan woke up, there wasn’t a single person around.


The doctor told Song Ningxuan about her physical condition.

She felt the world collapse when she knew she could no longer have children.


Initially, Ou Lingtian looked down on her, and now she couldn’t have children.

How could there be room for her in the Ou family


Song Ningxuan had the answer in her heart long ago.


When Song Ningxuan was asked if she wanted to sue Ou Xiuyuan, she finally chose to do so.


After all, it was impossible to be Mrs.

Ou in the future, so she maximized her advantages.


When Ou Xiuyuan found out that Song Ningxuan was going to sue him, he was in disbelief.


In the end, Song Ningxuan and Ou Xiuyuan’s marriage was finally over.


Song Ningxuan ruthlessly tore a bite out of the Ou family before leaving.

She took the compensation from the Ou family and the property she received after the divorce and went abroad.


In the following time, Ou Lingtian and Ou Xiuyuan worked to regain the right to speak in the Ou Shi Group.


However, after Ou Lingtian’s death, Ou Xiuyuan took over the shares in his hands.

The Ou Shi Group was still firmly in Wen Huan’s hands and remained so for the rest of his life.


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